Sniper Elite 3

Rebellion teases "huge" Sniper Elite news

Pre-orders open for Sniper Elite 3, news coming next week.

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Sniper Elite 3 is set to land at the end of next month (June 27), with Rebellion already taking pre-orders for the Second World War headshot simulator. The studio is promising "huge" news next week, but they're not telling us what it's about, only that it's not about the forthcoming entry in the series.

Rebellion's Jason Kingsley explained: "We couldn't be more excited about Sniper Elite 3's launch on June 27th. Naturally, being on five platforms - including the new consoles - means it's had more attention than anything we've made before. We've been taken aback with the interest and reception so far."

"But there's always more work to be done getting the Sniper Elite name in the hearts and minds of gamers who are new to the IP, or aren't aware of the stealth and emergent gameplay that surrounds the core sniping mechanics. Next week's news will be a huge step towards this goal."

Sniper Elite 3

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