Red Bull announces the first LAN women's Valorant tournament in the UK for 2024

Instalock will take place later this month.

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Red Bull has revealed that it will be hosting the first women's LAN Valorant tournament in the UK for 2024. The event, known as Red Bull Instalock, will see teams including three duelists, flocking to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London later this month.

The event will take place between April 20-21, and as Red Bull describes it, it will feature "the very best teams in professional Women's VALORANT and an emphasis on strategic aggression, tactical expertise and clutch skills, Red Bull Instalock promises fans around the world an unforgettable action-packed weekend."

As per some of the attending teams, we can expect G2 Gozen, GIANTX, Karmine Corp, and Shopify Rebellion to be in attendance.

When the event does take place, you can head to Red Bull's Twitch and YouTube channels to catch it live.


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