Redfall has been out for a year and has yet to release Hero Pass content

Arkane Austin has gone more than six months without an update to the game or the promised Heroic Pass content for the vampire shooter's special edition.

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Redfall was one of the biggest disappointments to hit the industry in 2023. They came on the heels of Prey and Dishonored, two titles of considerable quality. The public expected Redfall to be one of the sensations of the year, but at launch it turned out to be a disaster of major proportions. That said, it's worth noting that the studio has released patches that have managed to mitigate and refine many of the bugs, although it was probably too late.

Bethesda claims to want to continue working on the title, but it has been over a year since its release and users of Bite Back Edition, have yet to receive everything that was promised.

The Hero Pass was included in the Bite Back edition, which cost $99,99/€109,99 and included, apart from the base game components, several exclusive weapon skins, accessories for the original characters and two extra characters "in the near future". That said, the characters have not yet been implemented, and the studio has yet to comment on when they will be added.

Also, the last update to the title was in November last year, and Arkane Austin promised that there would be even more additions in 2024. One reason is that they're waiting until June 9 when the Xbox Games Showcase takes place, though gamers' hopes are slim.


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