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Redfall is by far the biggest game Arkane has ever made

A new video introduces us to the world and the scary failed scientific experiment that has created modern vampires.

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Arkane was one of the many developers Microsoft got when they bought Bethesda last year, but so far, they have only released a game for PC and PlayStation 5, Deathloop. This was because of a deal between Sony and Bethesda before Microsoft took over.

But as we're waiting for Deathloop to show up on Xbox, Arkane Austin also has another very exciting project coming up called Redfall. Here we get to meet a modern breed of vampires, created in a failed scientific experiment one a remote New England island, and it is up to you and preferably up to three friends to gun them down and solve the mystery.

Now we've got a very interesting video where we get a proper rundown of everything Redfall. This means we get to know more about the different kind of vampires we can expect to run into, and are also introduced to the vampire hunters we will get to play as, as well as their guns.

In addition to all of this, we get to check out the world which we are going to explore. It turns out the sandbox is a whole lot more interactive than we are used to in these types of games, and also way bigger than anything they have done before (like Dishonored, Prey and the above mentioned Deathloop).

Check out the video below for roughly 21 minutes of Redfall goodness. We assure you it's well invested time, even if it makes the wait for the game even more unbearable considering that it won't be released until the first half of 2023 for PC and Xbox Series S/X. It will be included with Game Pass starting day one.


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