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Redfall looks more like Deathloop in new trailer

Arkane and Xbox Game Studios want to make it clear this is another cool, narrative-focused FPS and not Left 4 Dead.

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The fact that Redfall was announced around the same time as Back 4 Blood, Evil Dead: The Game and a couple of other asymmetrical multiplayer games made many believe the creators of Dishonored, Prey and Deathloop were going to follow in Left 4 Dead's footsteps with their upcoming title. Several interviews and trailers have tried to make it clear that's not the case lately, and here's another clear indication of that.

Today's trailer starts by showing how Redfall's island goes from bad to worse as the vampires get some time to "redecorate" it (who doesn't like messages written with blood on walls these days?) before the latter half shows what it'll look like when we start fighting back with cool weapons and superpowers. All of this mixed in with quite a lot of narrative and lore-building, so the comparisons to Far Cry 2 and Arkane's recent titles seem a lot more fitting that Left 4 Dead.

What do you think?


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