Redfall now runs at 60fps on consoles

The new update also includes a range of performance and gameplay improvements.

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When Redfall launched earlier this year, it didn't make for the strongest first impression with critics. One of its biggest criticisms was performance, with the game only running at 30FPS on consoles, even on the extremely powerful Xbox Series X.

This particular complaint will now fortunately be a thing of the past though, as Arkane Austin has rolled out a new Performance Mode, making the game playable at 60FPS on consoles. The Performance Mode has arrived as part of a major new update for Redfall which includes a variety of gameplay and performance improvements.

Whilst this is, of course, great news, it's possible that the damage might already be done for Redfall. We reported earlier this week that concurrent player numbers for the game were often in the single digits on Steam.

Are you one of the few still playing Redfall?


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