Redfall often has a single digit number of concurrent players

The Steam version is really struggling.

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It would be a huge understatement to say that Redfall had a bad launch. Pretty much everything went wrong as Arkane Austin couldn't keep their promises to the gamers, didn't deliver content on time and was rewarded with mediocre reviews from media who though it was a lacking experience.

Even though the studio has promised to enhance the game and make it live up to its full potential, it will be an uphill battle to regain the players trust in the game. Currently, it often has single digit number of players on Steam (as revealed by SteamDB), and sometime so few that it isn't even theoretically possible to fill up a group of four vampire hunters. During the last couple of weeks, it has reached fewer than ten concurrent players on a daily basis, and during the last 24 hours the peak number was 35.

We assume there might be more players on Xbox thanks to Game Pass, but this is indeed beyond bad numbers. Do you think Arkane Austin will be able to make Redfall a great adventure and that gamers eventually will return, or should they just leave it as it is and move of to the next project?


Thanks, PCGamesN.

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