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Redfall patch 1.1 brings fixes to AI, gameplay, and performance

Is this the first step to Arkane getting the game back on track?

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Redfall has just launched version 1.1, which brings changes to AI, gameplay, performance, and more as it looks to fix the incredibly broken game Arkane gave out at launch.

We all know the story with Redfall by now, and the only question that really remains is whether it can be salvaged. Patch 1.1 is at least attempting to do just that. Enemy spawn rates have been improved, making it more dangerous to travel around.

Vampires will allegedly be more efficient in combat, and the AI is set to be improved overall as well. We're still waiting on the 60fps performance mode, but performance and fidelity on the whole are said to be improved here.

Check out the full patch notes here and let us know if you'll be heading back to the town of Redfall.


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