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Redfall requires you to be online at all times

Yup, that includes when playing alone as well.

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Redfall seems to be a quite unique game that offers a campaign that can be fully enjoyed playing singleplayer as well as co-op with up to three friends. While we understand the need for an internet connection while playing multiplayer online, it turns out you are required to be connected to the internet even when you are alone.

This is revealed in the official FAQ for Redfall, which clearly states: "A persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op".

While this is a non-issue for the vast majority, we know there are users who pay their internet per gigabyte, and some bring their consoles to places without online connection for vacation or work. This also means the game will likely be shut down for good the day Bethesda and Arkane Austin decides to unplug the servers, which hopefully will take a really long time, as Microsoft har been pretty good at not unplugging their games prematurely.


Thanks VGC

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