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      Redfall's final update has now been released

      It's actually pretty big, but everything new hasn't been revealed.

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      The Arkane Austin developed title Redfall was one of the biggest flops of 2023. Despite an intriguing concept with modern vampires and cool design, it lacked almost everything else, and the criticism was not kind.

      The developers promised to fix the game, but when they still hadn't finished after a year, Microsoft recently decided to pull the plug on the whole studio and refund everyone who had bought season passes. This also put an end to future support, except for one last update.

      The latter has now been released and on Bethesda's website we can read what it features (such as the ability to pause when playing single player and an offline mode), including a comment from the developers, who writes:

      "We're thankful for the millions of players who have joined us. From everyone at Arkane Austin, thank you for playing our games and loving our worlds, it's been an honor to deliver these experiences to you.
      — Arkane Austin"

      There is no complete list of everything that has been fixed, but the studio comments:

      "This article only covers the largest additions coming to Redfall, but that is not all. New enemy encounters in Redfall Commons, continued AI improvements, Story Mode difficulty, and a new Unrivaled Weapon have also been added with this update.

      *There will be no full patch notes for this update. Thank you for understanding."

      Are you planning to give Redfall a try now?


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