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Quantum Break

Remedy on why it stays with Microsoft

Quantum Break studio outlines a beneficial relationship.

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Even though Xbox One lags quite substantially behind PlayStation 4 in terms of sales, Finnish development studio Remedy Entertainment remains faithful to Microsoft. The studio is independently owned and seasoned enough to make games on its own, but even so it signed a deal with Microsoft for its newly released action game Quantum Break.

The game quickly became Microsoft's biggest new IP launch for Xbox One, and talking to CG Mag Online Remedy's head of Media and Partners, Thomas Puha, explains that the relationship between the companies feels both secure and familiar:

"We have a long relationship with Microsoft. Remedy is an independent company - we're not owned by Microsoft - but we've been working with Microsoft for ten years. Like every relationship you have your ups and downs. But we know each other. Microsoft wants a Remedy game. They want story driven games that we do well. They like to focus on the story, and that's great," Puha explains.

Furthermor Microsoft can help out with marketing on a large world-wide scale:

"There are trailers, there's TV ads, lots of visibility in print and online, and these sorts of things are what a big publisher can do, which is awesome. [Microsoft] is working long hours and weeks, and there are big events for Quantum in specifically Brazil and that's awesome to see. Microsoft knows what they're going to get with a Remedy game and that's awesome."

In light of these comments we would not be surprised if Remedy chooses to stay with Microsoft in the future, whatever it may hold for the developer. At the same time the earning potential for such a capable studio would probably be increased by going multi-platform. There were plenty of Alan Wake hints in Quantum Break, but as far as we could see none of them mentioned other formats...

Quantum Break
Quantum BreakQuantum Break

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