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Report: Apple is moving on from AR glasses and focussing on mixed-reality instead

Technical challenges are said to have driven the change of direction.

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It looks like Apple is leaving behind its efforts to create augmented reality glasses. As reported on by Bloomberg, the Silicon Valley tech giant is said to be focussing its efforts on the mixed-reality space instead now.

The reason behind the decision is said to revolve around technical challenges and also cost, which does seem to reflect the issues that other tech giants such as Google and Microsoft has faced with their Google Glass and HoloLens systems, respectively.

The mixed-reality space won't be exclusive to Apple however, as Meta and Google both also have projects in the works that are said to be looking to capitalise on the technology. As for when we'll see this new project in action, it has been noted that the timeline will see the first mixed-reality system coming this year.

The details about the system are being kept quite close to the chest by Apple, but this change in strategy does beg the question as to how Google, Microsoft, and Meta are faring with their AR projects, as Meta claims that it hopes to launch its device next year.

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Report: Apple is moving on from AR glasses and focussing on mixed-reality instead

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