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Report: FIFA 23 will bring cross-play and have a greater support for women's football

The HyperMotion technology is set to be significantly improved as well.

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While EA has yet to officially reveal anything, it's pretty much a given that this year will see the release of FIFA 23, or whatever it is ultimately called due to the ongoing discussions between EA and FIFA. We're still waiting for official details on what this year's title will look like, but with that being the case, insider Tom Henderson, who has a pretty good track record for all things EA, has published a new report via Xfire where he has shared a few details on this year's footy game.


We're told that this year's instalment will be bringing the series first inclusion of cross-play so that players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox (there's no explicit mention of Switch in the report) can all face each other.

Similarly, it's noted that the upcoming instalment will boast a larger focus on women's football, with both the addition of a women's world cup, but also a new FIFA experience that brings male and females together.

Otherwise, it's noted that the technology will be improving, with HyperMotion being "enhanced tenfold", which now allows the developers to create animations from real players in real matches through stadium cameras. According to the report, it's noted that this means EA has amassed 100 times more data in a single season than it ever has in the series history prior.

While holding a lot of promise, as EA has yet to make any official announcements yet, we should take this information with a little bit of caution for the time being.


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