Grand Theft Auto V

Report: Grand Theft Auto V source code, scrapped DLCs leaked

If these scrapped DLCs are legit, it's hard not to get lost in what could've been.

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Last year, gigabytes of data were leaked from Rockstar following an illegal hack which led to us getting an early look at Grand Theft Auto VI, as well as the reveal of what appeared to be some of the Grand Theft Auto V source code.

Now, it seems that the whole code has leaked. As reported by Insider Gaming, this led to a lot of information being revealed as gamers dug into the code. 8 DLCs were planned for the game, by the looks of things, but these packs of extra content never saw the light of day. Their names are as follows:

  • SP Assassination Pack

  • SP Manhunt Pack

  • SP Norman Pack

  • Agent Trevor

  • Relationship Pack

  • Enterprise Pack

  • Prologue DLC

  • Liberty V DLC

It does seem like most of these would've been add-ons for GTA Online, but the final two look a lot more like single-player DLCs, something that Rockstar abandoned to keep up with the success and demand for more Grand Theft Auto Online. By the looks of things, we could've gone back in time and seen Liberty City once more, which would have been incredible experiences for a lot of fans.

Which of these cancelled DLCs would you have most wanted to see?

Grand Theft Auto V

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