Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village changed a lot close to launch

A new making of video from Capcom reveals that the developers had a lot to do when returning to the office after the initial quarantine.

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While the average person who plays game doesn't know much about how these amazing things are made, most probably understand that it's not an easy job. One of the reasons why few can even fathom how much work goes into game development is that the large majority of studios never speak about or show the less glamorous parts of the process. That's why it's always interesting when we get stuff like God of War's Raising Kratos documentary and today's video from Capcom.

The Japanese company has released a new making of video about Resident Evil Village, and it details how the developers had to make quite a few major changes to the game when returning to the office after the quarantine. Both a focus test and the quality assurance team felt the game had too many and too aggressive enemies, that there was too little ammunition and that the combat was generally bad. This forced them to make significant changes to the entire game in a relatively short time, so it's definitely worth watching this short video.

What do you think about the final product, and do you think this kind of insight is something we should get more of?

Resident Evil Village

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