Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village shows new possibilities and features in PlayStation VR2 trailer

Look at the map in real time, dual-wield weapons, punch enemies, and a shooting range are just some of the treats we're getting with the free PS VR2 update. A demo has also been confirmed.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has been a big success in virtual reality, so it wasn't especially surprising when Capcom confirmed Resident Evil Village's free PlayStation VR2 update will launch alongside Sony's new headset on February 22. The latest trailer for it sure makes it seem like we're in for another treat.

Today's trailer doesn't just show how some of Resident Evil Village's most memorable moments will be enhanced with PS VR2, but also highlights some of the new features coming with the update. Examples of the latter include being able to look at the map in real time, dual-wield weapons and/or the flashlight, being able to punch stuff, inspect objects outside of menus, and even a shooting range to practice your eye-hand coordination. It all seems pretty cool, so the icing on Lady Dimitrescu's cake is that a demo for the PlayStation VR2 mode will also become available next Wednesday, just in case you haven't bought this great game already.

Resident Evil Village

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