Returnal developer Housemarque wants to make the Nordics' most advanced gaming headquarters

The established developer is looking to relocate to a swanky new studio.

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Finnish developer Housemarque has been around since 1995, but despite this rich history, it is looking for an upgrade in terms of its studio.

As outlined in a new blog post, Housemarque isn't moving far, as it'll still be located in Helsinki, but it is looking to establish this new location in the Finnish capital as "the Nordics' most advanced gaming headquarters."

Brand director Mikael Haveri described the studio's vision for a modern workspace "with features like cutting-edge meeting rooms, proper audio studios, testing areas, and wellness spaces, we are creating an environment that merges Nordic sensibilities with creativity, aiming to attract the world's best game developers."

Not only is this studio going to be focused on the future, it's also going to be eco-friendly. "Our revamped hub will champion green initiatives, ensuring a balance between technology and planetary care," reads the post.


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