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Reuters predicts Microsoft will buy Netflix 2023

The leading news agency thinks the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is only a small breeze compared to what we can expect next year.

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Surely no one has missed that Microsoft is currently trying to buy Activision Blizzard in the by far biggest video game takeover of all time (larger than the following ten acquisitions combined). But this doesn't stop the world leading news agency Reuters from predicting that Microsoft will in fact be involved in a two to three times as big takeover next year - when they allegedly will buy Netflix.

Reuters points out that the two companies are already in bed together, which would make it both easier and more logical:

"The two companies are already closely aligned. Netflix chose Microsoft as its advertising partner for a new advertising-supported subscription service. Microsoft President Brad Smith also sits on the Netflix board. Part of the rationale for a deal is that Microsoft wants to offer a video-game streaming service over multiple devices."

They also point out that Netflix has bought a couple of video game developers, trying to offer video games as a part of their subscription service. Reuters adds that "Becoming part of the Microsoft empire would supercharge those ambitions", and it's easy to imagine some kind of combination with Game Pass and Netflix.

While it's only a bold prediction, the article ends like this:

"Nadella has defied such back-of-the-envelope financial logic before. And if nothing else, he has shown a willingness to be a bold dealmaker. On that basis, it's easy to believe Microsoft will set its sights on Netflix."

Reuters predicts Microsoft will buy Netflix 2023

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