Rift gets Autumn Harvest event and update 4.3

Including new masks, a new soul, a fresh raid, and more.

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Trion Worlds has revealed that, starting today, an Autumn Harvest event is going live in their MMORPG Rift, a seasonal event that gives players new things to see and do alongside the new 4.3: Crucia's Claw update.

By completing Autumn Harvest events players can earn rewards like stat items and Halloween masks, and there are also Mummified Power Packs in the game now too, containing Wraps the Mummy Squirrel, 3,000 Credits, 15 days of Patron time, a Packmaster's Reward Cache with 20 individual reward charges, and two Challenger's Marks. All this is worth $60 USD, but you can get it for $19.99 (around £15.12).

The 4.3 update is also live, introducing an all-new raid called Bastion of Steel, as well as a new soul, Mystic Archer. "Players will face off against Crucia's formidable generals in an arena-type setting; defeat them and support Ahnket's struggle against Crucia! Not your typical mage, the Mystic Archer soul focuses their power into the form of magical arrows fired from their bow. With careful consideration of character movement and use of ground targeted AoEs, the Mystic Archer can be a devastating force on the battlefield," the press release explains.

You can watch a trailer for update 4.3 below. Which bit are you going to dive into first?


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