Rift's Starfall Prophecy expansion drops to earth

Have you been waiting for this star to fall?

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The latest premium expansion for Trion Worlds' MMO Rift, by the name of Starfall Prophecy, launches today and sees the existence of Telara threatened by the Comet of Ahnket.

In the expansion there are five new zones, two new dungeons, a new level cap, fortress sieges and more. It costs £30.49, and is the first premium expansion since Rift moved into F2P in 2013. Trion Worlds also claims it is the most accessible yet, "offering all returning players quick access to the new content via a level 65 boost." There's multicore support and 64-bit technology improvements too, meaning better frame rates and stability.

"Starfall Prophecy has been a labor of love for the entire Rift team, and we're excited to see how both new and existing players react to the new territories, battles and increased level cap," said Executive Producer Chris Junior. "Starfall Prophecy is a direct response to player feedback, giving Rift's large and passionate audience what they've been requesting by removing the MTX unlocks that typically went with past expansions, and delivering all the new content at a single price."

Is this enough to make you jump back into Rift?


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