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League of Legends

Riot announces the host cities for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship

They are all based in North America.

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Riot Games has already announced the host cities for the next League of Legends World Championship, giving us a look at the four locations that will act as hubs for the premier 2022 tournament.

With each based in the continent of North America, the four hub cities will be New York City, USA, San Francisco, USA, Toronto, Canada, and Mexico City, Mexico.

This event will mark the first time that Worlds is returning to North America in six years. While we know the cities that the tournament will be held in, Riot has yet to reveal any dates for when Worlds 2022 will take place, or even where exactly the grand finals will be held. All we're told is that Worlds 2022 is set to take place next fall, as expected.

League of Legends

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