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League of Legends

Riot Games details the League of Legends EMEA Masters 2023 tournament

The event will see the victors of each of the EMEA Regional Leagues coming together for one big tournament.

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Riot Games has announced the League of Legends EMEA Masters 2023 tournament, an event that will pit the best teams from the EMEA Regional Leagues (ERLs) against one another in a premier tournament designed to both showcase up-and-coming talent, and also reward those in attendance with prize money.

The 2023 event will feature the same 16-format as prior ERL Masters events used, expect due to the expansion, which now sees Europe regarded as EMEA (due to the addition of Middle-East and North African teams and organisations), the event will now feature teams from the Türkiye Championship League and Arabian League.

With these extra regions being accounted for, the slot allocation for the event is being changed, and you can now see below how many teams each ERL will bring to represent them.

The exact date for the EMEA Masters 2023 tournament has to be set.

League of Legends

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