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Riot Games reveals updated EMEA Masters Summer format

The season will run from late July until late August and will feature 60 partaking teams.

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Riot Games is making quite a few changes to the format for the EMEA Masters tournament. The EMEA Masters happens twice a year and serves as a way to bring together the respective European Regional Leagues, and ahead of the Summer Split, a variety of changes are planned.

With the Summer Split set to take place between July 31 and August 30, the tournament will now feature 60 competing teams in total, with 32 teams landing a spot in the Last Chance Qualifier, and 28 earning direct invitations to the Swiss Stage that will follow it. Following these two stages will be 1 16-team Playoffs made up of rosters that survived the two former stages.

As per the Last Chance Qualifier, this will take place between July 31 and August 2 and will see the teams split randomly into four single elimination brackets where regional protection is applied to reduce clashes. Games in the first two rounds will be a best-of-three, whereas the third round will be a best-of-five.

The Swiss Stage will be held from August 5-13 and will be held using solely best-of-one matches until the qualification/elimination matches when a best-of-three format will be used instead.

The Playoffs will be held between August 15-22 and will see teams seeded on a performance basis and competing in best-of-five single-elimination matches. The EMEA Masters Summer Finals will be held on August 30.

As for how slot distribution is handled, accredited ERLs will each get six slots (three for the LCQ and three for the Swiss Stage), whereas non-accredited ERLs will instead get four slots each with LCQ/Swiss Stage splitting dependent on that ERL's recent performance at EMEA Masters events.

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