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League of Legends

Riot sets up governing body of college League of Legends

The Riot Scholastic Association of America has several goals, like long-term health for the game and putting students first.

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It's no secret that League of Legends is one of the biggest esports in the world right now, and developer Riot Games has taken a big step in setting up the Riot Scholastic Association of America as a new governing body for League being played at a college level.

The website gives more details about what the organisation is all about, like governing all competitions at high school and college levels. There's also an emphasis on education coming first, rather than gaming, and they hope to work on systems and tools for long-term health and stability for Riot, schools, students, and fans.

Legitimacy is also a big priority, as well as fairness and transparency across all competitions, which we assume will also involve integrity and concerns around cheating.

"It's an exciting time for college esports. The formation of the RSAA we feel is a practical next step in realizing an inclusive and constructive ecosystem for League of Legends and beyond," Riot writes.

Is this necessary for the health of college esports?

League of Legends

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