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Riot unveils the anthem for Valorant Champions 2021

Die For You even has an animated music video to boot.

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We're about a week out from the beginning of the Valorant Champions 2021 event, a tournament that will see the best Valorant rosters from around the globe heading to Berlin, Germany to face off in a premier tournament with a $1 million prize pool.

As we're right on the cusp of the event kicking off, with the first match set for December 1, Riot has already revealed the teams who have qualified as well as the initial schedule of games. You can find both here. But that's not all that Riot has unveiled, as we've now been given a look at the event's official anthem, a song known as Die For You that highlights and celebrates the major tournament.

Created by Grabbitz, the song shows various Valorant agents all fighting over an objective, with the cast of characters firing abilities in a vibrant display of chaos. You can listen to the track as well as watch the music video here, to get yourself all hyped up for the tournament next week.


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