Rocket League

Rocket League's audience aren't alive, but they can feel

It also "possibly" takes place on Earth.

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Rocket League is a simple premise; a bunch of cars with rocket boosters play football with an oversized ball. It's continuing to impress and draw in players since it launched over two years ago, but there's no form of story or narrative in the game whatsoever, and it's caused some questionable fan fiction and theories about the lore.

At PAX West, PC Gamer spoke with design director at Psyonix, Corey Davis, about some of the unanswered questions players have, such as where the matches take place, and who the audience is.

In some quick-fire questions, Davis says that it's "possibly" on Earth, but that it does take place in a galaxy far, far away. He also said that "no-one knows" whether the cars are remote control or people-sized. The cheering in the game whenever there's a goal? It "possibly" comes from the audience, but they're not alive and only maybe sentient. Davis also confirmed that they can feel, but aren't ghosts, but are the ghosts of our former selves.

The satirical interview has created more questions than answers, in all honesty. What's your theory on Rocket League lore?

Rocket League

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