Everspace 2

Rockfish delays the early access launch of Everspace 2

The studio thinks that at the end of the year there will be more room for its space simulation to thrive.

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The coronavirus has affected the video game industry in a variety of ways, and it starts on a small scale; ordinary preview events for the press, important business meetings and, last but not least, major gaming exhibitions - these things are currently being put on hold because nobody wants to leave their houses and gather in large groups. What's more, not all consequences are immediately apparent: the current health crisis is even having an impact on the production process at small developer studios, as Rockfish Games told us this week.

The Germans delayed their Everspace 2 schedule by a few months to get more time for reorganising business deals and collaborations. They also hope to find a period when their niche title will ideally get more attention. These concerns are affecting the two planned test phases as well as the expected early access launch, which has been pushed back into December.

Meanwhile, Rockfish has been telling us about its progress on first-person cockpits and newly painted spaceships - so the team is making progress at least.

Everspace 2Everspace 2

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