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Rogue reveals Fortnite team

This was assembled with the help of their streamer DrLupo.

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Las Vegas-based esports organisation Rogue has announced that it has signed seven players to its Fortnite roster, joining streamer Benjamin 'DrLupo' Lupo on the team as part of what Rogue's press release describes as a "commitment to building a team of world-class influencers surrounding this young esport."

"DrLupo and I spent months going through hundreds of players to find the talented individuals that we announced today," said Frank Villarreal, Rogue's owner and co-founder. "We are committed to turning them into top competitors and personalities in Fortnite, and DrLupo and I will continue to push them to be the best influencers and players that they can be. We are committed to a spirit of individuality with these players and hope that the clash of personalities and styles will give fans a lot of entertainment."

The new players include Robert 'Gingerpop' Breakey; Finnley 'Gommru' Payton; Alex 'AlexJJ' Campbell; Ryan 'ipDRe' Haberkern; Luis 'ZodiacTTV' Torres; Ryan '00flour' Borst; and John 'WallHackJack' Franzen, all of which have a variety of different experiences and backgrounds to draw from.

How well can this team do?

Photo: Rogue

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