Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Roughly 100 employees forced to leave Bungie including several veterans

And people are angry, claiming it's been very poorly handled.

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Yesterday we reported about the tragic news that Bungie had started a firing round getting rid of staff as the fourth Sony owned studio to do so (Visual Arts Group, Media Molecule and Naughty Dog are the other ones). This is unfortunately seeing consequences as Marathon has been delayed with a year until 2025, and Destiny 2: The Final Shape arrives in June 2024 instead of February as previously intended.

Today, we have got more news about this story from the same source that revealed everything yesterday; Bloomberg's journalist Jason Schreier. He writes that Bungie was missing the revenue targets by 45%, with the employees being ready to solve the situation. Instead 8% of Bungie, roughly 100 people people, have been forced to leave their jobs.

Amongst the people are several Bungie veterans, including Michael Salvatori (legendary composer who made music for both Halo and Destiny) and Lorraine McLees (who has been with the art team since before Halo: Combat Evolved and designed the Halo logo, a lot of the classic art for the franchise and more), and plenty of former employees are now claiming it has all been very poorly handled. The Forbes writer Paul Tassi has summed some of the complaints up in an X post, which allegedly shows some pretty dubious handling from Bungie management (who also said last year to the employees there wouldn't be any layoffs after Sony bought the studio).

Unfortunately, it seems like it might not be the last firing rounds from Sony studios either as Schreier writes that it's all a part of a bigger revamp at the Sony PlayStation unit. Destin Legarie, director of video content strategy at IGN, says he has heard rumours claiming that the Liverpool based studio Firesprite (formerly Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool) might be next in line.

We hope everyone will get a new job as soon as possible, and plenty of other studios have shared their open positions on social media to help everyone find something appropriate.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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