Rumour: A Dragon Age TV series is in development for Netflix

It has also been rumoured that a live-action Pokemon show will be heading to the service.

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With The Witcher being a thriving success and with adaptions for Cuphead and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon being soon on the way, it's clear that Netflix is firmly invested in creating video game inspired content. Recently, we heard that a live-action Pokemon series is reportedly in development for the streaming service and now another rumour has surfaced suggesting that a TV show inspired by the Dragon Age is in the works.

The rumour comes from Giant Freakin Robot, who claims that they have heard about the show from a "trusted and reliable source." Little details have been shared here though, other than that the series will take a live-action style. Of course, this is just a rumour and it should be taken with a grain of salt until we receive confirmation from either Netflix or BioWare. Having the show debut ahead of the upcoming Dragon Age 4 to build anticipation could be a smart move, however.

Rumour: A Dragon Age TV series is in development for Netflix

Thanks, IGN.

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