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Indiana Jones

Rumour: Bethesda's Indiana Jones game won't be an Xbox exclusive

The game is coming from MachineGames and is thought to be making an appearance at Xbox and Bethesda's showcase in June.

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Indiana Jones is back in the spotlight after the first image from the upcoming film starring Harrison Ford in perhaps his most iconic role was revealed. It is now speculated that the Indiana Jones game currently being developed by MachineGames will be showcased at Bethesda's summer game showcase. But what is perhaps most notable is that, according to rumours, it will not be exclusive to Xbox despite MachineGames being one of the studios that was included with the ZeniMax-Microsoft deal.

The report comes from Windows Central's Jez Corden who has heard from unconfirmed sources that the game may be shown in the summer and that it would not be an Xbox exclusive title. However, it's worth noting that he heard this a year ago so things may have changed since then.

MachineGames announced Indiana Jones in January 2021, and a short 30-second trailer was released in conjunction with that, confirming that Bethesda and MachineGames were working with Lucasfilm Games to develop an all-new game featuring the legendary archaeologist. Not much else was said there and then, nor did they release any info about what platforms the game will be released on.

Indiana Jones

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