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      Dead Space Remake

      Rumour: Dead Space 2 Remake could be in the works

      An Easter egg in the New Game Plus mode of the Dead Space remake may point to the second game getting a fresh coat of paint.

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      A log found in the Dead Space remake has led some to believe that EA and Motive Studios could be working towards a remake of the second game.

      As spotted by GameSpot, one of the logs found in the newly introduced New Game Plus mode references the Sprawl, which is a huge space station and the setting of Dead Space 2.

      Now, this very well could be just an Easter egg for eagle-eyed fans, but it could also be a nod to another project at Motive. As the Dead Space remake is receiving praise from critics and fans, there would be a positive reception to the announcement of a Dead Space 2 remake as well.

      But, there's no guarantee this is even in the works right now, as Motive Studios is also working on an Iron Man game.

      Would you want to see a Dead Space 2 remake? The remake of the original Dead Space is available now on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.

      Dead Space Remake

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