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Rumour: Dead Space Could be Coming to Fortnite Very Soon

A leaker has claimed that the crossover could be happening in the coming weeks.

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According to known leaker HYPEX, a Fortnite and Dead Space crossover bundle is coming in the next two weeks, and will feature a pack that includes 1 outfit or skin, 2 backpacks, 1 pickaxe, and an emote.

There'll also be 1,500 V-Bucks up for grabs if you complete quests tied to the pack. It was heavily rumoured for a while that Fortnite would be crossing over with Dead Space, especially considering the latter franchise has a new game coming out in the Dead Space Remake later this month.

There's an expectation that even if the Dead Space collaboration doesn't release before the remake that Epic Games will announce the crossover within the coming days.

It may seem like an odd crossover, but at this point we wouldn't be surprised to see any collaboration come to Fortnite. Some of the more recent crossovers have had fans complaining, though, such as the My Hero Academia crossover which gave players an overpowered attack.


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