Diablo IV

Rumour: Diablo IV's first expansion could see an iconic Diablo II region return

It's believed that we could see official confirmation of the expansion at BlizzCon.

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Recently, it was confirmed that Diablo IV would receive annual expansions, alongside the release of new seasons to spice up the game. With BlizzCon just around the corner, it does seem like the perfect place to reveal an expansion.

Already, we've seen some supposed details start to leak online. Datamining from a technical alpha build points to the first expansion being called Lord of Hatred, and it will focus on the Prime Evil Mephisto, as well as the return of Kurast, an iconic region from Diablo II.

A new Spiritborn class focusing on nature, a mercenary system allowing you to hire NPCs, and more are set to be added into the game, but it's worth taking a lot of this information with a pinch of salt, even if it sounds realistic.

Would you be excited about this Diablo IV expansion if it turns out to be real?

Diablo IV

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