Ghost of Tsushima

Rumour: Ghost of Tsushima to be released for PC

The Sucker Punch samurai adventure could be getting the PC treatment.

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Before it was confirmed that Sony was going to release Death Stranding and Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC, they removed the "only on PlayStation" banner on the box art in the upper right corner. As noticed by VGC, this very same thing has now happened with Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation.com and other resellers.

While this isn't a confirmation that Ghost of Tsushima is coming for PC (Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Spider-Man: Miles Morales doesn't have "only on PlayStation" either), it certainly increases the chances of this happening. As many would like to play the adventure on more powerful hardware, we're keeping our fingers crossed that Sucker Punch's well made samurai adventure finds it's way to a new audience, better looking than ever before.

You can compare the old box art to the left and the new one to the right. Why do you think Sony decided to remove "only on PlayStation" on the Ghost of Tsushima box art?

Ghost of TsushimaGhost of Tsushima

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