Ghostwire Tokyo

Rumour: Ghostwire Tokyo to launch on Xbox in March 2023 with extra content

The former PlayStation console exclusive will be debuting on Xbox Game Pass soon.

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We expected ever since Ghostwire Tokyo debuted last year that it would eventually come to Xbox consoles, despite being a PlayStation 5 console exclusive for a while. As the game was created by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda (part of Xbox Game Studios these days), it made sense that the title would be coming to Xbox Series consoles at least at some point, and now a new rumour as reported on by Twisted Voxel has suggested that it will be in a few months time.

It's said that the game will be debuting on Xbox in March 2023 and that on its Xbox launch date it will also be coming to Game Pass simultaneously. To add to this, it's noted that the game might also be coming with additional content of some form, although the specifics of this have yet to be elaborated upon.

As Ghostwire Tokyo arrived on PS5 on March 25, 2022, it would probably be a good guess that the title won't be launching before March 25 on Xbox this year.

Ghostwire Tokyo

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