Grand Theft Auto VI

Rumour: GTA VI will not be released until April 2025

Those hoping for an early release might have to wait a while longer.

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The hottest game on many people's wish list is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto VI. Rocktstar finally showed off the game late last year, and with a release date set around 2025, most have been hoping for a release at the beginning of that year rather than the end of it. Unfortunately, analysts Nick McKay and Michael Pachter have come up with their own guess that this will not be the case. The two gentlemen have noted how Rockstar has changed its calculations for the 2025 financial year (the period between April 2024 and March 2025), and has lowered its expectations from earning eight billion dollars to "just" seven - suggesting that it will not be launching GTA VI between January and March, but will instead aim for a later release. Pachter and McKay further speculate that they believe that Rockstar initially planned to release the game in the first three months of 2025 (hence the additional billion dollar profit), but the company has since had to rethink and postpone the game's release.

Whether this is true or not is, of course, left unsaid, but be careful with your own expectations to avoid disappointment.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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