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The Last of Us: Part II

Rumour: HBO has found its Abby for The Last of Us

The most important figure of Season 2 may have been found.

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It wasn't long before HBO gave the thumbs up to a second season of the critically acclaimed TV series The Last of Us, based on the game series of the same name. Since the first season corresponded to the first game, the second season will probably correspond to the second game in the series. We will therefore see some new faces that were not in the first season, including Abby Anderson.

In the wake of the second game's release, the creators faced massive criticism for Abby and the actor, Laura Bailey, also received death threats from gamers around the world. In other words, it's a tough role for someone to play in a TV series, but it's rumoured that Shannon Berry (The Wilds, Hunters) is ready for the role of Abby. This is based on a now deleted tweet from the actor and the fact that she is followed by Neil Druckmann, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey on Instagram. However, until this is confirmed, you should take it all with a pinch of salt. As The Direct reports, it has been confirmed that Abby has been cast, but it's unlikely we'll hear who they've chosen until the strikes are over.

The Last of Us: Part II

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