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Indiana Jones

Rumour: Indiana Jones is an Xbox console exclusive

Insider Shpeshal_Nick made this claim on a recent XboxEra podcast.

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Back in January, it was revealed that the Swedish studio Machine Games (Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus) was working on a new Indiana Jones game.

Machine Games is owned by ZeniMax, which hadn't been bought by Microsoft at that point, and as Disney is the owner of the franchise, many people thought that Indiana Jones might be a multiplatform title despite the fact that Microsoft now owns ZeniMax and thus also Machine Games. But if the insider Shpeshal_Nick is to be believed, this won't happen as he claims he has sources saying it's a PC and Xbox exclusive title. Here's what he said in the latest XboxEra podcast episode:

"I've been told Indiana Jones will be full Xbox exclusive. I know that a lot of people sort of assumed that based of the fact of that deal was probably done before the acquisition ... it's Indy, it's Disney, it'll most likely be multiplat. But let's be honest, does Disney have a problem with exclusivity? Look at Spider-Man, look at Wolverine."

As you probably already had imagined, Xbox exclusive includes PC as well, as Shpeshal_Nick sums up:

"As far as I'm aware, Indy is locked up. That's it, it's only coming to Xbox and PC, the Xbox eco system."

Indiana Jones is supposedly in a very early stage, so don't expect to see any signs of life (including official confirmation of formats) for quite some time.

Indiana Jones

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