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Tekken 8

Rumour: Lucky Chloe will be added to Tekken 8

And here's the full list of confirmed fighters so far.

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Gamereactor visited Bandai Namco in Lyon last week to play Tekken 8, something you can read more about in our latest preview that we just published. But during the visit, we were also treated to a short presentation of the game from the Tekken 8 producer Michael Murray.

So far, only ten characters (list below) has been announced for the game, and Lucky Chloe is not one of them. But despite this, Murray used Lucky Chloe as an example of a character you could end up playing against. He quickly moved on with his presentation, but we assume the chances of this character showing up in Tekken 8 has just increased by a whole lot.

Here is the confirmed Tekken 8 ensemble so far:

  • Jack-8

  • Jin Kazama

  • Jun Kazama

  • Kazuya Mishima

  • King II

  • Lars Alexandersson

  • Ling Xiaoyu

  • Marshall Law

  • Nina Williams

  • Paul Phoenix

Tekken 8

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