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      Rumour: People Can Fly is developing the leaked PS5 sci-fi game

      The Outriders studio seems to be doing something exclusive for Sony.

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      Earlier this week, we reported that a video of an unannounced third-person action game developed for Sony had leaked online. It was an early code, but the ResetEra detectives still have managed to get some information from it.

      It turns out the video has the word "RED" in the bottom-right corner, and this was enough to figure out that it's probably People Can Fly doing something on Sony's behalf. The studio said two years ago that they are working on something codenamed RED, which really ticks a whole lot of boxes. Besides the codename, it's also a sci-fi third-person action game, which is something the studio has a lot of experience doing (Gears of War: Judgment, Outriders) and the early version in the video fits the state the game should be in two years after the codename was revealed.

      It's only a rumour and speculation, but it does seem to have some merit to it. Hopefully an announcement isn't too far off.

      Rumour: People Can Fly is developing the leaked PS5 sci-fi game
      Image from Outriders.

      Thanks, GamingBolt.

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