Pikmin 3

Rumour: Pikmin 3 launches for Nintendo Switch "soon"

Could another Wii U favourite be about to make a return on Nintendo's hybrid console.

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Games sell hardware. That has always been a universal truth. But with Wii U, Nintendo proved that it is not entirely true as they launched plenty of really good games for Wii U, and none of them did anything for the hardware (the Wii U sold 13.5 million consoles during its entire lifetime, whereas the Switch has sold 56 million in just three years).

However, when the same games were later released for the Switch, they suddenly both boosted the hardware and sold like toilet paper during a global pandemic, despite the fact that they are technically last generation games. In fact, the best-selling Switch game of all, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, is a former Wii U game. And therefore, it seems reasonable that Nintendo will continue to give Wii U classics an opportunity to shine on Switch.

And according to VentureBeat, Pikmin 3 is up next and will be called Pikmin 3 Deluxe. And they also claim that it will be released "soon". Considering the fact that Nintendo announced Paper Mario: The Origami King this week and will release it two months later, this does not seem impossible at all.

If they are right, we will likely have a reason to get back to you on this sooner rather than later.

Pikmin 3

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