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Rumour: Redfall launches at the end of March 2023

Arkane Austin's delayed action adventure has first half of 2023 as official launch window.

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Redfall was originally planned to be released during the summer of 2022, but this didn't happen as Arkane said they need more time, and delayed it to the first half of 2023. And that's pretty much all the official information we have on the release window.

Okami Games on Twitter claims to have more information though, and tweets that his sources says we can expect the game to be released "at the end of March", also adding that "a one week early access release is also planned for pre-orders and/or deluxe edition owners". While this is not a source familiar to us, it's getting potentially more interesting by the fact that the two verified insiders Dusk Golem and Tom Henderson have both liked the tweet.

Until further notice, take this with generous amounts of coarse salt, but March generally is a big month for game releases and about when we expected Redfall to be released regardless.


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