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Rumour: Redfall price leaked online

It seems these vampires can suck blood and money out of our wallets.

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Prominent leaker billbil-kun has tweeted what they believe to be the European launch price for Redfall, which puts the co-op vampire shooter at € 79.99 for the standard edition.

There's also a Deluxe edition, which will cost an extra € 29,99. For such an increase, we'd really expect some solid additional content, but like as not you'll just get some extra skins and cosmetics for the price increase.

Of course, Redfall will be available day one from Xbox Game Pass, so despite these prices being steep there is an alternative to paying them. However, for those not wanting to sign on to a subscription service you're going to be paying a hefty sum.

What do you think of the price tag attached to Redfall? Should games be charging €80 for just a standard edition nowadays?


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