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Rumour: Skate 4 will be revealed in July

The game is apparently quite far through development.

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Yesterday we reported that Activision originally had plans for a remade collection of Tony Hawk 3 + 4, but cancelled the project after making the developer Vicarious Visions a Blizzard support studio. Fortunately, there are more skate games coming, and the biggest one on the horizon is the comeback of the Skate series.

While we have been getting some information about the project, it hasn't been much and so far, we haven't seen anything from it. But this is about to change. According to the insider and journalist Tom Henderson, who should be a name many of you recognise by now, we can look forward to a proper reveal next month.

The game is said to be further along in the development than many might have thought, and if that is true, the release will hopefully not be too far off.


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