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Tekken 8

Rumour: Tekken 8 to launch in January

Could we be getting the official announcement this evening?

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While Geoff Keighley has already tempered expectations for this evening's Gamescom Opening Night Live show, by announcing that it will be mostly made up of already announced and existing games, one of the announcements that we could be getting is the official release date for Tekken 8.

We say this as now 'insiders' and leakers have taken to X to state that the fighting game title will be debuting as soon as January 26, 2024.

As this is a rumour, we should take this information with a degree of caution, but considering we have seen countless announcements about this title in the past, and experienced a few different betas already, it does feel as though it's probably time to actually get this game into the hands of consumers, and a January launch will be achieving just that.

Tekken 8

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