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Rumour: Tekken 8's first DLC character may have already leaked

If you're not a fan of a certain crybaby from Tekken 7, you might want to look away.

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We're not even at the launch date for Tekken 8 yet and it seems that the first DLC character for the upcoming fighter may have leaked online.

As posted in a ResetEra thread, it appears that a YouTube video has been added to a Tekken 8 playlist created by Bandai Namco, with the title Tekken 8 - DLC 1 Josie Rizel Reveal & Gameplay Trailer, which points to her making a comeback in the game's first downloadable content pack.

Josie Rizel was first introduced in Tekken 7, and was known for fun gameplay with a weird character quirk that saw her break down into tears at any given opportunity. Her return will be celebrated by some, disliked by others. It's how it goes with most fighting game character reveals, to be honest. Of course, as this is unconfirmed, take it with a hint of salt as always.

What do you think of Josie potentially returning to Tekken?

Tekken 8

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