Rumour: Tencent reportedly interested in acquiring Crytek

German media outlet Bild believes that the Chinese government wants to influence the military training of Western troops in this way.

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According to research by the German newspaper Bild, the Chinese technology giant Tencent is interested in acquiring the German developer Crytek. An insider source informed the Axel Springer Verlag that the Chinese company is offering hundreds of millions for the studio purchase. Neither of the two partys were willing to discus the matter with the media, however.

In the article, the tight connection between Tencent and the Chinese Communist Party is being used to discuss possible political motivations that might be part of the deal, besides the apparent financial interests. Specifically, the Bild newspaper fears that Tencent could gain military secrets by buying Crytek.

The Cryengine that is developed and distributed by the German studio plays an important role in this vague assumption. Bild notes, that the software helps military organisations all over the world to train their own troops. If the German company becomes property of China's ruling party, the communist regime might also increase their influence on western military factions - at least that is what the report concludes.

Rumour: Tencent reportedly interested in acquiring Crytek

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