Rust celebrates the Lunar New Year with an update

A rat mask is here alongside fireworks and a gong to really celebrate the occasion in Facepunch's game.

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Facepunch Studios has revealed that Rust is celebrated the Lunar New Year with a new update that's just landed in the game, including fireworks, firecrackers, and even new instruments to add to the collection players have recently been given.

The Rat Mask is available on the market now as a part of this (it's the Year of the Rat, you see), and fireworks include roman candles, volcanos, and boomers. With the deployable gong as well, you should be able to make plenty of noise in Rust with these items.

Returning items are also making an appearance too, including the Dragon Door Knocker and Dragon Mask, as you can see below.

In other Rust news, the game is also hitting PS4 and Xbox One in 2020 as well, so console players can get in on the action.

Which items are catching your eye?


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