Rust has been refunded 330,000 times on Steam

Garry Newman shares some interesting stats.

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Garry Newman of Rust and Garry's Mod fame, took to Twitter to reveal the refund stats for Rust on Steam. In turns out that quite a few players have made use of the Steam return policy (you're allowed to get a refund if you've owned the game for less than two weeks and played less than two hours), in fact, a total of 329,970 users have done this, with the dollar amount refunded amounting to $4.38 million (USD). Now, this must be compared to the overall sales of Rust on Steam since its release (Early Access) back in 2013 that amount to 5.2 million (as of last month). Just over 6 percent, which most seem to agree is a fairly normal number, but you also have to consider the fact that Steam's refund policy only came into play in 2015 when Rust had likely sold a couple of million copies already.

It is however, not as clear cut as saying that Facepunch Studios has lost $4.38 million on the policy, as people are more inclined to buy and test games (particularly during sales) given the option to refund a game that's not to your liking. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see cold, hard numbers.


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